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Oliver attended London College of Fashion obtaining his postgraduate degree “MA Costume Design for Performance” in 2019. Having completed his undergraduate degree “BA Fashion Studies” at University of Lincoln in 2016.

Oliver has 13 years’ worth of sewing experience with considerable knowledge of the garment development processes, including pattern construction and manufacture. Along with pattern grading, pattern cutting, tech packs, spec sheets, quality control, trend analysis, fitting sessions, alterations, tailoring, corsetry, millenary, sampling, designing and concept development. He has 3 years’ worth of industry experience working in commercial fashion and bespoke costume design industry, for men’s and womenswear.

Moreover, he has professional skills within the Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite with an in-depth knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier being able to edit videos, photos and tech packs to a professional standard communicating them effectively throughout his work.

Additional, he has worked on theatre and film productions such as channel 4 random acts short film "Mogue" as “Head Costume Designer” and most recently the opera story "Goldilocks and the three pig’s opera" and “Orpheus and Eurydice” as “Costume Maker”. As well as working on his final MA project based on Stephen King’s book “Thinner” as “Head Costume Designer and Maker” this was produced and performed at Sadlers Wells.

Millinery and tailoring were an integral area of study on his BA and MA degree, he continuously applies these skills within his design practice. With an exceptional understanding of fashion and costume process working in a technical and structured way, communicating concepts effectively within his industry.

Furthermore, he endeavors to work to a high standard and enjoy collaborating with others in various fields, he is highly organized, punctual and presents himself to a notable manner.


Phone: 07837797607

EMAIL: oliver199400@live.co.uk





Inspired by the book "Thinner" by Stephen King is the story of a wealthy arrogant lawyer called Billy Halleck who whilst driving and receiving a hand job from his wife, accidentally runs over an old gypsy woman named Suzanne Lempeke. He gets away with this criminal act thanks to his close and long-established connections to Judge Carey Rossington who, when it comes to the trial rules in his favor. The judge shares the common prejudices against gypsies and has little regard for the victim. The gypsy women's brother is furious with this injustice and decides to take the law into his own hands. He curses Billey Halleck with the spell that makes him grow thinner and thinner until he wastes away into nothing.

Concept and realization by Oliver To, Performer Alexander Lutley, Video Team Nick Argent, Alex Marshal, Alex Cambel, Oliver Frulong and Malik Felid, Technical Team Fraser Thompson- Noble and Simon Young, Choreographer Jennifer Irons, Assistance Ak Lie, Nuno Oliveira, Zhou Yang, Photographer Emmi Hyyppä, Costume Realisation Supervisor Claire Cristie, Senior Technician Marion Yarwood, Goshka Topolska Makeup & HairProject, Leadership Agnes Treplin for UAL: LCF 6/12/2018.





My interpretation of the “Twelfth Night” (Shakespeare, W., & ELAM, K., 2008) is a contemporary Film inspired by the Victorian era. I wanted to characterize a fantasy world that is encompassed by wealth, seduction joined with elements of dark fancifulness. Generating a predilection towards a world of spontaneity and illusion where reality transpires into delusion. The development of my whimsical characters are portrayed in a humorous nature because it will entice the audience into my world.

The personality of my realized character “Lady Olivia” informs my final costume. A Victorian inspired silhouette combined with the use of black textures; lace, velvet, organdy and net are key elements in showing the wealth and statues of my character. A dominating shadow that translates the characters charisma. helping the audience engage with the costume on an intimate basis.

Concept / realization and video editing by Oliver To, film produced by Alex Campbell & Alex Marshal, photographer Agnes Treplin, performer Ak Lie. Project Leadership Agnes Treplin for UAL: LCF 14/06/2017.



Costume designs by Oliver To, photographed by George Howard Rees-Jones, Actor Adam Feilding, Lewis Grimmel Actresses Hanna Douglas and Natalie Reed Concept and realization by Molly Venna 12/05/2016.


 Even In Death 

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Even in Death takes inspiration from the post-mortem photography of the Victorian Era, which depicts the morbid way in which the deceased were often remembered. Haunting and forced poses, together with historical costume of this time, are all explored within my collection. Garments are elongated and restrictive, giving them a distorted reality of a moment in time, shackling the wearer. The collection sets the narrative of a Victorian family in commemoration of their loved ones.

Concept and realization by Oliver To, photographed by Paul Massey, model Maxine Rachael Sykes 12/05/2016.







Concept and realization by Oliver To, Video editing Oliver To, Modle Lauren Kelham, Filming by Ashley Charles Rice 22/06/2013.


Concept and realization by Oliver To, Photographer Eleanor To. Model’s Kate Johnson and Ella Jinks 13/07/2019.




Through my realized character  I wanted to execute a dramatic scene “ The Governor’s Wife rummaging through the clothes, throwing some onto the pile that’s meant to go with her, then changed her mind and takes them away. Off, the sound of drums. The sky is turning red.” (Brecht et al.,2009, 22)  I wanted to reproduces the moment when she is fleeing for her life and deciding what to pack, this stage is reflected through the performance aspect of the costume. 

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Concept and realization by Oliver To, photographer Suki Lui. Movement director Pera Lily, performer Megan Lloyd-Jones. Project Leadership Donatella Barbieri for UAL: LCF 26/10/2017.



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Magna Carter represents freedom, liberty and justice, the realistic nature of these ideals constraint the very thing they stand for. Countries like China, North Korea and most recently America are prime example of places that are in constant attack of taking away people’s freedom, liberty and justice. These restrictions can cause devastation and controversy causing poverty, crime and mental health to rise. Within my work I wanted to translate this narrative through forms of suffocation and entrapment. The idea of not being able to break free from these social confinements is a haunting thought. I wanted to translate these ideologies in the structure and form of my garment creating a more impactful reaction to my audience.

Photographs edited and taken by Oliver To, model Holy EmersonJade Page, Concept and realisation by Oliver To 13/03/2015.


Our Story…

Floral&Co is a British bespoke men’s tie company, the concept is pretty simple you tell us what style, design and print you would like. Our creative design team will craft your uniquely designed tie with the finest material and stich techniques. Whether you are wanting a gift for that special someone or needing an edge to your outfit, with a wide variety of fabrics to chose from you will not want to go anywhere else. The best part is that all of our products are 100% handmade in the UK.





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